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Popmoney is an online money transfer system that allows eBanking customers to conduct person-to-person payments to friends, relatives and small businesses. There is a small fee for this service which varies depending on the speed of the transfer.
  • eBanking customers can send money to friends or family using their email address, mobile phone number or bank account information. Funds are electronically deposited to the recipient’s account.
  • Automatic recurring Popmoney transfers can be scheduled to plan for payment needs in advance.
  • To meet transfer needs, eBanking customers can choose the speed of the transfer - three business days or as quickly as the next day.

New Feature for Popmoney - Request Money

  • This feature allows customers to send a money request to a contact via email or text.
  • Requests are sent immediately and the receiver has 30 days or less to pay the request. If the request expires, nothing happens; if the request is paid, the money is deposited directly into the customer's account 2-3 business days after the send date.
  • A variety of payment-customization options, as well as reminder and tracking capabilities are available.

eBanking customers can locate these services from within Internet Banking. Choose the Move Money option from the menu bar and then External Transfers from the drop-down menu. Click on Popmoney and choose from the menu options across the top of the window.

If you aren't currently enrolled in Internet Banking, click Enroll Today to start enjoying the convenience of Heritage First eBanking. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us via email or phone listed below. 


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